International consulting concept

Our way of work is as diverse as our clients. We constantly adapt our processes to the circumstances and nature of our projects to ensure individual and tailor-made solutions.

Above all, our primary goal is to ensure sustainability by training local operators to operate and maintain their plants and networks in a self-sufficient way.

Assessment - Fact-Finding - Missions

At the beginning of each project, we conduct an analysis of plants, networks and organisational structures. For example, the types of chemicals used for treatment, the amount of water loss in the network, and the overall efficiency of energy consumption are assessed. Afterwards, we develop recommendations and measures for improvement together with the respective utility counterpart. During this process, key performance indicators as well as respective training programs can be developed.

Tailor-Made action plans and roadmaps

During the assessment stage, we work with local personnel to create a database of all relevant information regarding the utilities infrastructure and organisational setting. The data collection itself is the first training that takes place and can be seen as a basis to develop a customized action plan, including recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term measures. The final and most important step involves training and supervision by experts on-site and in Hamburg to support local staff during the implementation process of the proposed measures.

Operational optimisation

In order to support the implementation of improvement measures and further to complement individual trainings or workshops, CONSULAQUA and HAMBURG WASSER experts take over the operation of facilities for a defined timeframe (especially for the commissioning of new / rehabilitated treatment plants). This ensures that the local utility staff receives practical on-the-job training by working closely together with our experts to optimise workflows and by introducing key performance indicators. Subsequently, the plant is returned step-by-step back to the responsible personnel, in order to run the plant in a self-sufficient way.