Strategic Alliance for Water Loss Reduction

Training and consulting on all aspects of water loss reduction

Excessive water loss in drinking water distribution networks of up to 50 % annually is common in many countries. Ensuring sustainable, affordable and sufficient water supply is a challenging task – especially in regions where inadequate management, lacking expertise and technological limitations are the cause for these high non-revenue water (NRW) rates.

Formerly part of the program and under coordination of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), the Strategic Alliance for Water Loss Reduction (STA) now involves four globally operating partners: HAMBURG WASSER, Hermann Sewerin GmbH, VAG GmbH and the Northwestern University of Switzerland (FHNW):

  • HAMBURG WASSER - Northern Germany’s largest public water supply and wastewater utility provides services to more than 2 million people with a NRW-rate below 5 %.
  • SEWERIN - Internationally operating group with long standing expertise in the development and production of electronic measuring & leak detection equipment.
  • VAG - Highly experienced valve manufacturer, providing excellent quality products and consulting services for reliable solutions in network operations.
  • FHNW - Through the Institute for Ecopreneurship, the FHNW develops innovative technical environmental processes for sustainable resources Management.

In general, water loss reduction is a technically complex and organisationally challenging task which requires a holistic and integrated approach. The STA offers a set of different products which all complement each other but which in themselves already provide a good contribution towards water loss reduction. Our key objective is to achieve these reductions by improving the technical and commercial management of existing water supply networks.

Additionally, the STA provides training sessions and train-the-trainer seminars. These trainings take place in Germany – once or twice a year – for management and technical utility staff from around the world. Consultants and other Stakeholders of the water sector are also welcome. In addition, the STA offers trainings upon request in other countries together with and directly at other utilities. These trainings are based on Guidelines for Water Loss Reduction, which are available in four different languages.

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